Grubs, the term given to larvae of scarab beetles, are frequently found feeding on the grass roots. Damage caused by white grubs initially resembles drought stress. As grub feeding continues, patches of grass begin to wilt and turn brown. A lawn that has been damaged by white grubs will lift away from the soil easily because the roots have been eaten and they no longer anchor the turf to the soil. Often, skunks and other small animals will pull back the turf in search of a meal of grubs, potentially destroying a lawn within a few nights.
As a preventive measure to protect against possible infestation if there is a presence in your neighbourhood, or as a treatment to remedy a problem already present on your lawn, a treatment for white grub is recommended.


  • Choose one of our fertilization programs, which will keep your lawn dense and healthy.
  • Keep your lawn height at a minimum of 3 to 3.5 inches.
  • Do not use outdoor lighting on your property whenever possible, during the egg-laying period (mid-June to mid-July).