Terra Fertilization and Weeds Program
Our Terra fertilization and weeds program will allow you to improve your lawn by revitalizing and thickening it. Designed by our agronomists to improve the general appearance of your lawn, its 4 slow-release fertilizer applications guarantee a permanent supply of nutrients to your lawn. Plus, it includes season-long weed control with its 2 applications.
4 slow release fertilizers
includes fertilizer application in early spring, late spring, early summer and early fall.
Weed control, all season
includes two apps; spring and early fall
Nutriboost treatment (Promo 2022)
Verification and monitoring of the health of the lawn during each visit.
Unlimited service calls

What is your lawn surface area in square feet?

Contact us if you have more than 10,000 square feet

Total cost before Bonuses
NutriBoost FREE
New Client discount
You pay

The M. Gazon advantage

  • The incomparable quality of its service.
  • Expertise in lawn treatments.
  • The most comprehensive fertilization program in the industry.
  • Our environmental values are at the heart of our choices.
  • Over 35 years of experience.

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Linjian Huang
Linjian Huang
13:07 02 Jun 22
Customer service responsed my request very fast and they provided super fast service in my lawn. Then they also send me a report after the service, very professional! No wonder all my neighbors using Monsieur Gazon. Highly recommend!
Michael Salzani
Michael Salzani
23:05 26 Mar 22
Quality service and true professionalism. They ensure that your lawn is taken care of and that you are satisfied with the results. I would recommend this company to anyone that wants to have their lawn properly maintained.
Lidia Zozula
Lidia Zozula
20:24 24 Mar 22
We have been a client only since 2021 spring. We are very pleased with the products used on our lawn, they have changed a lousy looking lawn into a healthy , something to be proud of lawn. We are also very pleased with the service we get. We live right next door to an elementary school. We have a large dog, who happens to love children, one jump on a child could hurt them, so, to make sure no one comes into our yard, we have our gates locked all the time. We asked them to notify us when their serviceman is coming so we can unlock the gates. The whole season, they never missed notifying us, usually one or two days in advance. This is very much appreciated.They do good work, always show up when they are expected, and have even given us advice. They deserve the 5 stars we give them.
Victor-Hugo Beriault
Victor-Hugo Beriault
18:40 24 Mar 22
Great experience overall. Convenient payments on their website (paperless). Prices are good and staff has a great attitude. We are using their services for lawn maintenance and keeping the weeds at bay. Result was great last year so we are reniewing. I highly recommend 🙂
Valerie Roberge
Valerie Roberge
18:30 24 Mar 22
The service given by M Gazon is made by qualified professional personnel. They answered all my questions and gave me great recommendations to help with my lawn. Thank you very much V.
Anna Laconi
Anna Laconi
18:22 24 Mar 22
The previous company that we were doing business with, damaged our beautiful lawn. After reading many positive comments we decided to give Monsieur Gazon a call -They revived my backyard lawn. It was 70-80% weeds of all sorts and infested with some sort of bug. The technician was very friendly and professional, he gave us a few tips to follow. We did just that and I can say that in the fall I can say our backyard looks nice... seems promissing for the next summer. I recommend!